Me: “nothing big … just one single question … how much alive are you?”

Me again: “feeling like not a single bit, but because of me feeling something i have to be!”

Me: “… good point there … how is it to be alive but not realizing it? kind of an “every-day” experience”?”

Me again: “thats exactly it, maybe suicide will give me the opportunity to realize myself? but I can not see any logical sense in that.”

Me: “… might be worth the try … but as you mentioned it can not be the solution … think of a moment when you feel that you are alive!”

Me again: “kind of when I am alone, because then I feel the need of someone else around me, which implements that there are feelings on my mind. Can you compare that with being alive?”

Me: “… you have to decide what being alive means to you … that action is what they call “the meaning of life” …”

Me again: “what if I found it? then again suicide would be the only option! And I fear that option!”

Me: “If the decision, to decide what being alive means to someone, is taken over by someone else but the single him, then, from your life as an infant, there would not be any meaning in your life! This is what we have to fight!”