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It is an interesting feeling. 2 days with nearly no water around you. And then you arrive at the sea. Loads of water, huge masses, endless amounts. And you can not drink a drop of it. But you can at least swim in it. With my last reserves of water I started to Aghia Roumeli on a path at the beach, distance average 2.5 kilometers, the sun heats down and the air is dusty and dry. Then I saw 2 people emerging on the path behind me, they were heading in the same direction as I was but still some minutes away. So I stood in the shade of a rock, waiting for them and came over them with a loud “Hallo!” Germans. Originally they wanted to encircle the Dachstein in Austria but the weather didn’t play well so they spontaneously decided to drive to Crete. I asked them for a zip and they gave me a full liter. After that we walked to the village talking about my trip. There I crashed at a tavern, got beer, coffee, fish, salad, stuffed vine-leaves, tomatoes and peppers. Also a small bottle of ice cold Raki. All in all 24 EUR, I made it 30 EUR since I felt like being generous and my Endorphin level was so high because of the long awaited good food. After that I walked out of the village, got information about the departure of the boat in the morning, checked out a nice tree at the exit of the Samaria Gorge and found – despite me being really tired – a night full of no-good sleep. It was just to hot and the mosquitoes had their part in it as well. The mosquito spray didn’t really work and since I could not stand the heat in the sleeping back and didn’t want to be creamed in chemicals I had 2 days of itching feet.

On the next morning I had a coffee at the tavern and organized a boat ticket – 10 EUR – to Hora Sfakion. On my way I met a Guy from the Netherlands who was on his way to the airport and we had a nice talk on the bus about his travelling, what we do here and there and we also shared a meal as we waited for the other bus at an intersection.  In Rethymnon we said good by and I switched to the bus to Plakias where I was going to meet Chris – hopefully! I knew him from a previous trip with Sonnhild where we met him in Romania at a CouchSurfing Summercamp. In Plakias I jumped off the bus and sat down at the next coffee-place. I had to figure out how to find Chris and how to meet him. I got his number from a message he sent me some time ago over the internet and sent him a short message, preparing myself for a loong waiting period. What if the number was not of a mobile phone but a stationary home phone? Hmm… Should I call him? No… first have a coffee. 5 seconds after ordering the coffee I saw Chris – with a huge smile – passing the tavern on a roaring motorbike, his hair blowing in the wind. I wanted to jump up but he was gone within a second, damn! I paid quickly and as I was on my way to the street he swooshed past me into the other direction. DAMN! He didn’t see me, I was sure he did not expect me. Is he just driving for fun through the city? Well, I ran on the street, walking fast into the direction where the motorbike vanished. I  remembered a dusty licence plate and by that I was able to identify his bike right opposite the supermarket next door, went inside and dropped onto him with a loud “HAAALLOOO!” He had not read the message and was perplexed by my appearance. After a hug we decided to get some beer and go to his house to celebrate a welcoming. He invited me to stay for some days on his couch and I accepted gladly. So much for my luck.

IMG_2488At his place we shared experiences of our passed traveling and he showed me some of his work. He has a nice business with directional internet antennas spreading a network over the 3 villages surrounding Plakias. We added some green spice to the beer and so I started into some nice and stoned days. I got to know Jamila, a writer and poet who chose Crete for her inspiring work called “Chaos Theory”. We talked a lot about her work, her book, our dedication to writing poetry and lyrics. Also we sat a lot at the sea, listened to the rushing of the sea, walked the beaches, talked to strangers and swam with the full moon in a small bay.

Now for some poetry:

Sehend und suchend waelzt sich meine Existenz durch meine Fussstapfen.
Ich suche und ich sehe, finde und verstehe,
wo die Magie der Eintoenigkeit der Wellen sich mit dem Getoese des Chaos der Gischtvermischt,
schiesst das Licht ein Blitzen in meine Richtung, ein Tausend aus Strahlen auf meine Netzhaut prasselnd
alle klaren Gedanken verwischt.
Ich bin in der Wirklichkeit,
angekommen in der Wahrhaftigkeit.
Meine Sehnsucht bekommt endlich ihre Befriedigung.

ProstAfter a short relaxing in eternity I start a detailed planned way home. A Bus to Chania, Ferry to Piraeus, Bus to Patras, Ferry to Triest, Hitch Hike home. I organized to prerolled joints for the long ship-trip from Greece to Italy. In Chania at the Port I had some time left and so I snacked a Gyros and a beer, chillexed some hours until the departure on the lookout for nice people, waiting for an Austrian licence plate on some cars, you never now, but 3 non-european borders?

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREHere my writing stopped, but I made my way safe through the border patrol, although I had the Joints hidden in my walking sticks, shipped 36 hours to Italy, arrived at night at 2 am in Triest. My luck provided me with a Carinthian car directly at the ferry that took me to Klagenfurt from where I got a Truck to 12 kilometers before Vienna where I spotted a car like after a minute and had a ride to the city.

Home again.