Since around a year now I am jumping the containers whenever I don’t have enough money to buy food. This is a relaxing activity, cleaning all the food afterwards and feeling funny about what kind of different veggies and stuff I got. Sometimes I start to prepare a meal directly, sometimes I stuff it in the fridge and sometimes I cook it and seal it for keeping it in the cellar for emergency times.
On one hand it is shocking to see loads of food thrown, especially the things you do not take. Might it be 12 Liters of Oil, 10+ packs of Milk, garbage bags filled to the top with vacuum encapsulated fresh meat (I still don’t take fresh meat), 20+ kg of bananas, …
On the other hand it provides me with food. Much food. Really much food. And it provides enough so I do not have to starve a lot. Which means, I do not have to spend my time wrecking my body laboring for some company but can rather spend my time wrecking my body enjoying life.
The upcoming picture is a documentation about the nice things I found at Billa and Spar.

collage 44
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