Picture 1 – Update 10.2016 – secondary X-Axis on the right is for “bilanz”

Since 5 years now I study (Update: 6 years of studying, 2 years of travelling), with earning more or less some money next to it and being funded (at least in the beginning) by the government and my family. When the funding stopped (can you see the year?) I had to rely on my jobs alone, and when they got rare, I just shot all the money I had into rent and tried not to starve by dumpster diving.I live on under 450 EUR a month – including ALL costs that appear. I still spend more money than I earn which you can clearly see under with the linear regression and the bilanz diving below zero recently.
The minimum subsistence level in Austria for 2014 is 813,99 € (Update 2016: 837,76 €)

On one hand I am very happy and live a fulfilled life but now health insurance kicks in as I grew 27 years old and my only possible way for insurance right now is a 94 EUR bill every month.


I wonder at what point in time I manage to get my income and spending money to reach the zero point – absolute happiness?

More Stats :
* I have no idea yet where the uncategorized rest is
* ATM means money pulled out of the ATM spent for whatever you can imagine, but booze is a very big part of it

Picture 2

I see it as strange that the Picture 3 shows a very different characteristic than Picture 1!My total volume in 2013 by far exceeded all the previous ones. But I must not forget, that the income of a certain event was stored in between on my account witch must make that difference.

Picture 3