I just became part in a discussion with the following post. Because I think It gives a nice statement about life, the universe and everything I will now share it here too. It is a discussion about hitchhiking, hospitality exchange, labeling, respect, friendlyness and the parts of your travelling where you need a safe and secure spot to be alone.

So i am hitchhiking around in Europe. And I am hosting everybody that drops me an emergency line. I usually don’t surf couches, at least not arranged. If I meet people that want to host me (they are common I’d say) I am happy. I behave the way I feel. I see no point in playing to be friendly. I really don’t like to go money-wasting with hosts.

Same if I host. Often I drop my guests the key and tell them that I have a great lot of stuff to do. I usually do not provide any cultural knowledge, but rather political views. I think that is much more important. And i do not host to socialize with people or because I am purely interested in other cultures. I do it because I am addicted to that feeling that arises if you are in the middle of nowhere and receive unconditional hospitality without false friendlyness. And I am eager to share that feeling. Also I live partly from the responses that I get for what I do, that is a big part of why I love life!

About Trustroots: I do not need a label. A “hitchhiker” stamp. I also do not want to be put into containers. I experienced the people I meet hitchhiking to be very open, not many of them carry habits that I really don’t like. A space with the label “hitchhiking” would – in my point of view – not close the group down to hitchhikers but rather open it for them. Basically like “Here is room for all people and many of us use/like hitchhiking, you needn’t be afraid if you have special needs because of that”.

As far as I understood the concept about trustroots (I have no idea about the “flamewar in the main forum”) its not about creating a network only for hitchhikers but for people that you would most likely trust. Starting from myself, my family next then my closer friends trust is decreasing. People that run around freely in the hitchhiking paradise awake a knind of trust in my heart. IDGAF if this is missused, because that will not be the mainstream.

Then there is that question: “So, how can hitchhikers trust Trustroots to defend their interests?”

For me trust is something I feed from experience. So if I promote trustroots to people that are hitchhiking or like hitchhiking ‘n whatever and start to USE trustroots (I think that is the most essential part) and not like being a member and hosting but traveling inside the network I look forward to build a great network. Of people that like, accept, promote and so on hitchhiking. For that it does not need the label. I think its enough if the active people see themselfs as part of a trustworthy community and it will become a trustworthy community.
And if the whole thing is full of hitchhikers i do not suspect “hitchhiking sucks, you are dirty and unrealiable”-people to hang around on trustroots ^^

I hope you appreciate my opinion, I am not really aware of the conflict yet, i do not see the questions that are floating between the lines. what is the goal of this discussion? I hope my opinion can be used to get a clearer picture about how people think about the topics hitchhiking+hospitality 🙂