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In the winter 2014/15 me and Sarah decided to hitchhike to the North Cape. After going through equipment several times and organizing some basic hosting on the route we started. Since I didn’t write down anything I can not be as detailed as I want but Sarah has got some papers full of notes and I will integrate that maybe later or add it to the series.

So we went with the Metro in Vienna to Huetteldorf and walked to that spot that i used on my way to Spain already. There was a guy standing so we exchanged some words and then decided to leave him there and check out that other spot that is mentioned in the Hitchwiki, the OMV at Wolf in der Au. There another Girl was standing going to St. Poelten and she got a ride very fast so we were optimistic. Soon after, a lady approached us and said she will take us to Linz Ansfelden and we took the chance. In the car we were able to smoke so that was cool and also on our way we stopped at a gas station to watch the partial eclipse of the sun. Then, in Ansfelden she dropped us and we tried to get further. Our plan was to get to Norway, leaving Austria, Germany and Denmark behind us very fast. After some waiting time we hitched a guy that was waiting for his colleague from work, they were going to a spa and took us until somewhere before Passau. I think it was Aistersheim. There a former Armenian picked us up on his way back from Vienna Airport. He brought some russian friends to the Airport from a place near Erlangen and took us all the way back to there. Also he gave us baby bananas and some mandarins. And he drove us to a gas station that was not even on his way. There we got some shorter rides until we met this funny German who was in his company car and took us until his company where we switched to his private one and continued until Kassel. We were going German style 200 on the Highway, maybe more, I couldn’t see it.

At Kassel we pitched our tent for the first time and had a good rest until we woke up in the morning. It was foggy and the tent was moist inside, so were our sleeping bags as they touched the wall of the tent. We stuffed everything into its packets and went back to the gas station. On our way there it started to rain and soon after it started to snow. It was really cold. After we had been to the north cape Sarah and I decided that still this was one of the coldest days we had on all the journey – in Germany.


Riding north we landed on some gas station where we luckily got some sun to hang our tent and sleeping bags but as rain showers were closing in again we had to pack everything pretty soon. But anyway, things were dry enough and we were not hungry anymore after some fries from the fast food chain. Not really sure of how to go from Hannover to Scandinavia we tried to get a ride until Hamburg but as the goddess of chance wanted it we found Flo, a Bavarian olympics athlete. He was going north. To Kirkenes. That’s like 200km from the north cape. Completely perplex we asked if we could go with him and he said that he was going to Oslo with the car and will fly from there because that was the cheapest option. Awesome. So we went through all Denmark and since it was dark already we didn’t see anything of the country but a shopping mall that was enormously huge where lots and lots of bottles of alcohol were bought. We just stuffed our bags with food and our stomach with burgers. At the port close to the northernmost point of Denmark we set up the tent on the parking space next to his bus and slept.

Early in the morning, the ferry was going somewhat near 8am, we packed and bought tickets that were somewhere around 11 Euros to Norway. On the Ferry we had a lot of cuddling and lying around, some eating, some sleeping and some superb watching of Flo as he was sewing a pocket to his shirt where he would put a water bubble for the race.

heliport on the ferryThen, in Norway, the first thing that caught my attention was the snow. It was heavily snowing and there also was a lot of snow everywhere else so what came to my mind was like: Oh my god, where will we put our tent? Where will we find a place to rest even further north? What temperatures are awaiting us up there? I mean we were still far away from the polar circle and the polar circle has some magic in its name that i think whenever you cross it temperature will just decrease by 20 Celsius. But no. Going to Oslo the snow slowly vanished and the streets became dry and the meadows brownish yellow. I have no idea about the temperature at that day but in Oslo it was definitely not under 5 Degree Celsius.


Realising that we are in Oslo already we were a little stunned. What are we going to do now? We had expected to have more time to think about that before we arrive. But the basic instincts of survival gave us a lead about what to do so we went to the train station for some free Wifi. We found information about an occupied place where we might find a place and also about a park that is only 20 min from the city center where we could set up our tent. At the occupied area which was in renovation at the moment we had no luck and they told us that they have no free space and do not want anybody to  sleep  on the ground.Opera of Oslo

Well… whatever they want, but that sure didn’t fit my picture of the great critique of capitalism that was sprayed over all the building front. So, a little depressed from that, we headed back to the train station for our Wifi spring and connected with some bewelcomers and trustrooters. Zdenec, also in the emergency request group, a Hash House Harrier warmly welcomed us to his flat and there we also met Bilge, his turkish flat-rate. He provided us with information about the things to do in the city, we also hat an amazing round of 3-Player-Chess and good vine and beer and food. After the second night we started to get further north. The day was sunny as we walked out of Zdeneks place but it became – at least for Sarah – a little blurry as she fell down to her front and hit her nose so hard that it was bleeding and her glasses had a scratch. A little nervous about the situation we tried to stop the bleeding which took some time and went shopping. Then we continued, with the free IKEA bus to the outskirts of Oslo.

Some more pictures of Oslo