Upcoming is an adaptation of a part of the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. Interestingly I was thinking about a concept like that since I read the series of Dune from Frank Herbert recently. Everywhere in my mind everything somehow focuses on that topic and so I want to make those thoughts public to test them against the world.

Under some strange setup a religious, fundamentalistic group emerges and becomes powerful. They start a war and attack anything that is only slightly against their ideology. They take over the world and wipe out every other religion. Then, when they are finished with that, they wipe out all the ethnies that don’t not fit in their scheme, their dictatoric, fundamentalistic, dogmatic ideology. Everyone in the world is now one hundred percent <agressor culture> and they were all very, very happy. Naturally the textbooks used in the schools no longer mention any race but the <agressor race> or any language but <agressor language> or any religion but <agressor religion> or any political system but their dictatorship. There would be no point. After a few generations of that, no one could have put anything different into the textbooks even if they’d wanted to, because they didn’t know anything different. 

This is the concept of the reign of Leto II in the series Dune, and the reasoning for the emperor to do it is to ensure, that humanity does not continue to slowly kill one and another in conflicts that emerge in a democratic system, under democratic freedom. With all the people put where they should be they are born in a world where the definition of freedom is absolute, and they are born with all the freedom there is. They are not allowed to kill each other or harm each other. They are not allowed to fight against each other or compete on a existence threathening niveau.

With a system installed like that you only need a stable ruling figure that has the absolute power over everything. As long as this is present and this figure has the intention to keep it this way I suggest this system can hold for a long period of generations. A long peroid of generations where we would have few deaths – only those that oppose the system – but no open conflicts, no wars.

The rebellious groups have to be secretely tolerated and spied upon to not let them grow too much but to reduce the radical element of the society. The system would give them the freedom to conspire and perform attacks but only in a controlled way.

Of course, there would be close to no evolution. Technology would me mostly forbidden since it empowers the people. Technological advancement not necessary since there would be not even theoretical enemies. A programm to colonize space to secure survival of humanity in case of an apocalyptic crisis should be considered.

And all of that in the name of humanity. I am having a hard time finding logical arguments against an utopia like that. But I find many against other (not all) alternatives.


Featured image is by Jamga on Devian Art