So I was making this salad and wondered, what it looks like  inside. In detail.  To me it looks as if it were elements of another planet. Maybe a surface, a plant or some habitat. Little creatures. Hot glowing suns and cold moons give them an apperance in strange lighting.


Is it a flying beetle-bat with snail-eyes? An underwater shot of a crystal glas globule ocean?
When descending the spaceship towards the big desert north of the mountain range we wondered, if the red line was a huge animal or just dirt on our lense.
The scouting plane shot a last picture that reached us before it hit the clorophyl-lizards ear. Then it crashed and the explosion of the remaining fuel lit the creature on fire. It didn’t care.
On this beach of fire you would not want to lie down.

Can you figure out the ingredients?

That is my sophisticated setup:

Most shots are done at F29/4″/ISO100 with a Tamron 70-300 1:4-5.6 Plus Raynox Macroscopic Lense Model M-250 and my superb headlamp. Camera is an old Sony Alpha 350. EV set on -2 to increase open mirror time since the tripod is shaking a little after the mirror opens. 10 seconds delay to stop shaking of the button push. I put the veggies on an upside down shotglas to have light from the back – neat trick.