So today I was about to cut open that beautiful supersweet orange and figured that I could take a closer look to value the beauty of this fruit that gives me so much pleasure. Thinking of how it was just a small grain of pollen where its journey started, founding a new life inside a flower, slowly growing into a fruit, day and night, brighten by the sun, cooled down by the moonlight. At some point picked by a farmer and deliberately put into a place with many more of its kind. Travelling. Through land and maybe sea, maybe days, maybe weeks. Arriving at the store it was supposed to be bought by someone, taken home, caressed and eaten with joy. Too bad it ended up in the trash, something must have been wrong with it, but I – hungry and hunting for food – found it there and brought it home. After a good wash it was resting together with apples, bananas and a mango in a bowl in my kitchen. Experiencing and watching my everyday life. What kind of impressions had this orange as it was finally cut open and sliced into pieces?
[Hint: klick for full size]

There are millions of small aliens inside the orange juice
Through the upper peel
This is the top point
The core and the meat
A seed
At the bottom where the segments meet again
The last strip of peel before exiting

Thank you, little orange. For the beauty that you bring to me. I hope we meet again some time in the future and share our stories. From now on we are bound together. Until I die too.