Kriti 2013 | Part 5 | The end of everything

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It is an interesting feeling. 2 days with nearly no water around you. And then you arrive at the sea. Loads of water, huge masses, endless amounts. And you can not drink a drop of it. But you can at least swim in it. Continue reading “Kriti 2013 | Part 5 | The end of everything”


Kriti 2013 – Hippie Trails

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Entering the hut I am gazed at by four pairs of eyes. Three guys and a girl sit there, around my age, a little older, a big gas can on a table with food cooking, a bright light from a gas lamp, a map spread half across the table, a whole kitchen set up with dishes, spices and especially: water! I greet them, say my name, and they respond with Costa, Maria and two other names that I forgot already. They ask me instantly if I had known that the hut would be open, before I started in the morning, and after me saying no they shake their heads, laugh a little and just say that I am one of the luckiest persons they know. They explain, that usually the cabin is closed and you have to ask at the Cretan mountaineering club for a key and a guide to take you there. After that they ask me where I came from, what route I took to Katsiveli. I explain my “I have no idea just straight after the riverbed” – plan and tell them about the last two hours in the dark and the up-down field of hell that I was through and they again shake their heads, but do not laugh anymore. They tell me that this area that I passed is usually avoided even in daylight, because of the danger of cave ins and because its just to hard to get through. They had already eaten but have some pasta and sauce left over and some bread and they give me as much as I can eat. After feasting I ask about water, to refill my bottles, and I am lucky because the cabin has a 500 liter water tank that is filled over the winter and during raining seasons. Continue reading “Kriti 2013 – Hippie Trails”

Kriti 2013 – Survival

Part 1 – Get therePart 2 – Be therePart 3  SurvivalPart 4 – Hippie TrailsPart 5  The end of everything


Meskla, it is very early in the morning, I get my stuff together and start walking, Zourva ahead of me. There I expect a good coffee, some water to finally fill up my bottles before heading into the wild, talking with some locals about the area, the unknown paths through the mountains, the secrets and dangers of the Lefka Ori, the White Mountain Desert, unique of its kind on the northern hemisphere, with Pachnes as the peak and my goal on 2454m over sea-level. The Madares, as this region is sometimes called in Greek is “without coverage, bald, bare of any vegetation for high mountain areas”. Continue reading “Kriti 2013 – Survival”

Kriti 2013 – Be there

Part 1 – Get therePart 2 – Be therePart 3 – SurvivalPart 4 – Hippie TrailsPart 5  The end of everything


At the harbour I try to get a picture of the location, the different departure areas and the different ferry companies. I feel run over by the information, so many ships, so many letters on signs that I can neither read nor understand. So back to my basic instincts I just ask the next security to please point me in the direction of the Chania-Ferries and after him babbling something about Blue Star and ticket office I start walking just to find the ticket office with an information humen inside. Continue reading “Kriti 2013 – Be there”

Kriti 2013 – Get there

Part 1 – Get there | Part 2 – Be there | Part 3 – Survival | Part 4 – Hippie TrailsPart 5  The end of everything


Starting in Vienna, nervous because 6 hours late. Ivan does not want to rest because of it and wants to rather continue, and if he will get tired I could drive, deal.

I got up at 5:30am , thinking of leaving soon I said my goodbye to Dani, who was sleeping until around 7:30am and went to work while I was still at home waiting for Ivan. I had rolls prepared, and some cheese and ham so Ivan and I could have a breakfast before we leave (Ivan planned on arriving at 2:00am) but late as we were I only pushed cheese and ham into my backpack, left the rolls and jumped into the car – full of joy! Continue reading “Kriti 2013 – Get there”