Why I went to Riga – Latvia Nr. 2

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Getting out of Wroclaw towards Warsaw. I took some kind of bus, stopped at some crossroad and on the street I stood. No clues. Sun burning. The spot was shitty, I walked a little further, but the road got worse. No place for cars to stop. Shit.

At some point a nice driver stopped and put me a little further, directly to the onramp for the highway. There was neither traffic nor a place to stop, so I said to myself “Fuck it!” and went straight for the highway. Cars rushing past. Trucks. Noise. The heat of the spring sun already burning. At the end of the onramp I put my backpack behind the barriers and stood with a Warszawa sign. Begging to be picked up before the police could catch me. And I was lucky. Not even 10 minutes later a nice person stopped and brought me to the A2/E30, the highway to Warsaw. From there I hitchhiked further, continued with Riga and Stīna in my mind. I can’t recall how I made it through Poland. I remember being dropped at some places, behind Warsaw, somewhere on the A8/E67, directly on the highway, walking next to a fence, the sun dropping at the horizon, red evening light in my back. Two young guys brought me from Augustow to Suwalki. Darkness. I took a break at the McDonalds for some wi-fi and a snack, told Stīna that I was on the move. I was about to hitchhike all the way through to Riga. Why stop and sleep? Continue reading “Why I went to Riga – Latvia Nr. 2”


Why I went to Riga – Latvia Nr. 1

Riga Jugla

Also read Why I went to Riga – Latvia Nr. 2

The early spring was warm when I made it with Sarah to Cape North. After several weeks of adventurous hitchhiking we had parted our ways in Helsinki. As I walked onto the ferry that took me from Helsinki to Tallinn I didn’t know that I just entered an emotional labyrinth that would give me on the first 50% whenever I found a dead end a pack of cookies to cheer me up but would bear deep horrors for me in the second half where It would be deadly to make too many mistakes since every dead end would have a little piece of death in it.

Now here you go with a shortcut through Tallinn. Small capital, old houses, castles, harbor, hipster, poverty. Done.

Tallin Arial View

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