The Roads of Iran

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Dreaming of Iran


Good morning my dear planet.
Thank you for the colors, for the light.
I dream of distance and I climb high for it to get real.

Up, and up, and up.

This is my stairway to heaven.
Here, every breath is a step closer to death, so real, so honest.
let me sweat away that burden that I have on my shoulders since so long.

Up, and up, and even further up.

Then I drop.
My body to the ground.
When there is no ground to set foot any higher I open my chest, and I scream so loud that the wind draws back and hides in fear.

Afraid of my anger, of my love.

I can not get higher.

Macroshots – Inside the Orange

So today I was about to cut open that beautiful supersweet orange and figured that I could take a closer look to value the beauty of this fruit that gives me so much pleasure. Thinking of how it was just a small grain of pollen where its journey started, founding a new life inside a flower, slowly growing into a fruit, day and night, brighten by the sun, cooled down by the moonlight. At some point picked by a farmer and deliberately put into a place with many more of its kind. Travelling. Through land and maybe sea, maybe days, maybe weeks. Arriving at the store it was supposed to be bought by someone, taken home, caressed and eaten with joy. Too bad it ended up in the trash, something must have been wrong with it, but I – hungry and hunting for food – found it there and brought it home. After a good wash it was resting together with apples, bananas and a mango in a bowl in my kitchen. Experiencing and watching my everyday life. What kind of impressions had this orange as it was finally cut open and sliced into pieces?
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There are millions of small aliens inside the orange juice
Through the upper peel
This is the top point
The core and the meat
A seed
At the bottom where the segments meet again
The last strip of peel before exiting

Thank you, little orange. For the beauty that you bring to me. I hope we meet again some time in the future and share our stories. From now on we are bound together. Until I die too.

Macroshots – Inside Salad

So I was making this salad and wondered, what it looks like  inside. In detail.  To me it looks as if it were elements of another planet. Maybe a surface, a plant or some habitat. Little creatures. Hot glowing suns and cold moons give them an apperance in strange lighting.


Is it a flying beetle-bat with snail-eyes? An underwater shot of a crystal glas globule ocean?
When descending the spaceship towards the big desert north of the mountain range we wondered, if the red line was a huge animal or just dirt on our lense.
The scouting plane shot a last picture that reached us before it hit the clorophyl-lizards ear. Then it crashed and the explosion of the remaining fuel lit the creature on fire. It didn’t care.
On this beach of fire you would not want to lie down.

Can you figure out the ingredients?

That is my sophisticated setup:

Most shots are done at F29/4″/ISO100 with a Tamron 70-300 1:4-5.6 Plus Raynox Macroscopic Lense Model M-250 and my superb headlamp. Camera is an old Sony Alpha 350. EV set on -2 to increase open mirror time since the tripod is shaking a little after the mirror opens. 10 seconds delay to stop shaking of the button push. I put the veggies on an upside down shotglas to have light from the back – neat trick.

I hate easy things

Since I only have the task of learning to play guitar and saving the world while keeping everybody happy around me I figured I could try to learn to draw. I am drawing since I am a child, but it always was a rather … undeveloped skill. Now I am trying to get some system in there.

Kind regards to the Sketchgroup Vienna (on Facebook).

A total lunar eclipse? Vienna 2012

Since people made a big fuzz about the lunar eclipse recently I wondered if I still had the pictures from the last one. I think the one on 27th-28th’s night was not very spectacular 😛

Also it is one of the most professional photo sessions I ever made.

Per Anhalter auf den Ortler

Punkrowskis Brainstorming

Also per Autostopp auf den höchsten Berg Südtirols (Ortler – 3905m) zu gelangen, klingt wohl im ersten Moment etwas unglaubwürdig. Handelt es sich dabei doch um eine circa. 800km lange Strecke von Wien nach Sulden im Obervinschgau und einer Bergschwierigkeit von 4+ Gratkletterei, 45° Eis/Firn und Gletscherhatscherei. In so einem Gelände habens Autos nun wirklisch nicht leicht 😉

Noah und ich habens aber tatsächlich geschafft, und hier ist die Geschichte dazu…

Autostoppen Wien – Mals (Südtirol – Obervinschgau)

Um 9 Uhr Morgens starten wir an der Autobahn Westausfahrt bei Hütteldorf in Wien. Keine 20 Minuten später sitzen wir in einem kleinen Auto eines lieben, jungen Pärchens, die am Weg nach Deutschland in den Urlaub sind. Der angehende Kindergartenpädagoge und die Filmtechnikerin haben interessante Weltanschauungen und wir plaudern angeregt, bis die 4h Fahrt viel zu schnell in Rosenheim enden. Dort müssen wir auf der Autobahnraststätte circa. 1,5h warten, ehe wir bis…

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