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Spain (in German)

I enjoy life as a Hitchhiker. I climb mountains, swim in the sea, climb, go canoueing, live in a hippi commune, find peace in Lisboa and jump around on a street performance festival in France. Next to that I work at a restaurant for food, beer, a place to sleep and a theater ticket.

Sicilly (in German)

Its cold in Austria. So let’s go to Sicilly with the bike. There I pick oranges from the trees and discover a new winter.

Kriti (in English)

I want to hitchhike to Kriti to find the remains of my uncle and find a beautiful mountain desert.

Eastern Europe (in German/English)

Hias, Leo, Sonnhild and I start with our bikes heading towards the ocean and traverse 11 countries in eastern Europe. On our way Hias and Leo quit and my sister and I continue on our bikes. This is my first detailed travel log.

Norway (in English)

The North Cape is calling. Not only I feel it but Sarah too. We combine our forces to reach it hitchhiking and find out more about ourselfs than we expected.

Latvia (in English)

After meeting one of the most beautiful people doring all my travelling so far near Riga an episode of adventure, romance and even love emerged in my life for about 3 months.

Iran (in English)

In 2016 I hitchhiked to Iran to pick up Stefan who was hitchhiking towards Europe from China. Together we travelled the country and climbed mountains, went through deserts, to islands and met lots of nice drivers. Later I stayed a month in Tehran because the people were so interresting and Stefan went home.


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